Moments: Kanistro, Paliouri, Chalkidiki

Since I was in UK, my mum mentioned to me that she visited a place they did not knew before which can be interesting for me to visit and photograph. This is around half an hour drive from the house which we have in Chalkidiki. We visited a couple of days ago. I really enjoyed snapping there. It was empty from people at this time of the year except few residents in their homes. When I was photographing I was feeling that it was dark, but when I returned home they looked not too bad.

These photos are closer to what I enjoy more and there are some interesting stories behind them.  Also, it makes me reconsider the idea of driving license as I am approaching 30ies and If I will get the license this will give me more freedom to travel more locally in places I cannot access on foot or with public transport. Also, I know the more independent I am the more I enjoy snapping as I will spent just the time I needed. When I was in UK, this was not such a big problem as I could access much more places travelling by train.


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