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untold stories

The sea is not looking as usually in a hot summer day

The wind changed everything

If a calm see has no stories to tell

Now it feels like there are some untold stories

These are somewhere lost between the waves

These are constantly changing

I cannot hear them

But I can feel them


“No Sexual Reference”

Images of Sexual Reference are in public display. How acceptable would have been to view these images in a work environment? What is not safe for work is safe for public display.

The Way I am Seeing: Olite, Spain


Somebody has to clean this mess…

…but let me finish first…



Biarritz, France


Unnoticed Landscapes

“In the moments of darkness,

When you think that your life is meaningless,

and you are not creative for long time,

Some light appears and you notice things

most people ignore”


The way I am Seeing #13, Thessaloniki, Greece, 01-01-2015